PVII Elevator Panel Magic 1.31 For Dreamweaver

Posted by Tejaswi Tuesday, August 26, 2008

PVII Elevator Panels allow you to create collapsible boxes or groups of boxes. The optional animation effects are unique and expertly choreographed to make your page pop out. As far as widgets go, PVII Elevator Panels go straight to the top.


-Create: Quickly create a new Elevator Panel using the included user interface
-Add anywhere on your page: You can insert Elevator Panels into tables or divs anywhere on your page
-Multiple Widgets per Page: Insert as many widgets per page as you want
-Unlimited Number of Panels: Each widget can have as many content panels as you need
-Content: Each content panel is available in Dreamweaver Design View for direct editing, giving you complete control over your content at all times
-Modification: Each widget can be modified at any time using the Modify Elevator Panel user interface
-Remove: The included Remove Elevator Panel command allows you to quickly remove an entire Elevator Panel widget from your page

Unique Rotator Option
-Presentation: Use the Rotator option to show a timed presentation of each content panel
-Cycle: Control the number of rotation cycles to be run
-Auto Start: Load your page with auto-rotation enabled to show all available panels once in sequence... then stop at your default panel ready for normal manual operation of your widget
-Rotator Behavior: The included Rotator Behavior allows you to Stop, Resume, or Play your widget in rotator mode from any link on your page

Open Panel Control
-Default Panel: You can set which panel should be open by default or have all panels closed on page load
-URL parameters: Automatically open the correct panel when defined by page anchor or URL parameters from an external page or bookmark

Animation Options
-Normal (Scissors) Glide: A neat effect where the current panel appears to slide one way while the panel being revealed slides another way.
-Gradual Stop Glide: This widget emplys the Gradual Stop method, which is a good choice when you have lots of content in your panels. The speed of the glide is dependent on the distance to be traversed. As the panel nears its destination, the glide slows down gradually
-No animation

-Toggle: You can choose to allow multiple open panels or to always display just one panel
-Mouse-Over or Click: You can choose to allow mouse-over activation or restrict actions to onclick
-Trigger or Normal Link: Headings can act as a trigger for the related content panel or can act as a normal link to an external page without requiring an associated content panel
-Heading Location: Heading links can be moved anywhere on your page and then styled any way you want for some really cool effects

-Includes 5 Style Themes: Choose form 5 different pre-defined Style Themes to act as a starting point from which to further customize your widget
-Fully Editable: All Themes are fully customizable and can be edited directly in Dreamweaver using the CSS Styles Panel
-Multiple Styles: Different Elevator Panel widgets on the same page can share the same style or can each be linked to separate style themes

-Includes a complete suite of Elevator Panel Behaviors to allow building fully customized widgets:
-Trigger Panel: Open, Close or Trigger a Panel Heading
-Open/Close All: Open or Close all other panels.
-Rotate: Complete control behavior for the Rotator option

System Requirements:

dreamweaver MX and above

File Size:861.861.5 KB




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