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Posted by Tejaswi Thursday, October 16, 2008

My Secret folder is an even better solution for locking or hiding your files.

Many of you might have used Folder Lock. I've also used it. I know that it is very good at locking out all files and encypting to a good extent, but to do that we have to copy all our files the LOCKER folder in the 'MY Documents' folder.

With my secret folder, you just browse to the folder you want to thru the program and then lock it or hide it to be retrieved by a 'hot key' and a password you set. Simple but superb.


1. Remove any older version (or you'll be asked to restart the system, i uploaded one earlier version before) of my secret folder if present.

2. Run the setup file, and follow the wizard.(Key is available at the bottom of this manual).

3. Configure the recovery utility that is inbuilt to recover your folder if you forget the password.

Use this serial key
Name : TUC2020
Copies : 1000
Serial : M83999577

[Download My Secret folder + Serial]


  1. Pyzonet Says:
  2. dead link

  3. Not workin'

  4. Account221 Says:
  5. serial not working

  6. Pen Arts Says:
  7. Sorry guys I'm not operating the blog anymore...!


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