Swift Shader Version 2.01

Posted by Tejaswi Saturday, November 8, 2008

Swift Shader Version 2.01

I had installed the MAC Leopard RK Launcher in my system.In which when we minimize any window it got stored in the MAC Leopard RK Launcher .But when i have pressed the minimize option of any window,they got stored normally without any kind of 3D effect.

Then I heard about the Swift Shader Version 2.01 which enables all the 3D environments works perfectly without any kind of Special Hardware guys.
MY System Configuration was Pentium 4, 2.8 Ghz, 80Gb Harddisk and 512 MB RAM

Not even a dual core is my system.As you can see the images Really amazing guys.You never going to believe this any way.

It enables the Vista 3D effects also without a 2GB RAM as far as the MICROSOFT's specifications for the Aero theme to work friends.

Ok now just keep the files present in the Zip file in the Software Location where your 3D environment should be enabled.I am going to show you where i had placed the Swift Shader files to get the 3D effect friends.

1) Select these Files and copy them from the Download Zip file after Extracting and paste them into the installation program Directory where you would like to Enable the 3D effect.Suppose I am enabling the 3D effect which was present in RK launcher and that was not presently giving the 3D effect.But after pasting those files into the location

c:\Program Files\RK Launcher\RK Launcher 0.41 Beta Nightly

I got the 3D effect working 100% now

2)This was my c:\Program Files\RK Launcher\RK Launcher 0.41 Beta Nightly
where i am going to paste the files guys.After this the 3D effect works good.Enjoy..

SwiftShader is the world's fastest pure software 3D renderer with DirectX® 9.0 class features, including support for advanced graphics features such as Shader Model 2.0, predication, floating point rendering, stenciling, and much more. SwiftShader is built to provide the same APIs that developers are already using for their games and applications. This makes it possible to directly integrate SwiftShader into applications without any changes to source code. SwiftShader can render games as complex as Half Life 2 entirely in software.

SwiftShader performs between 50 and 100 times faster than Microsoft's Direct3D® Reference Rasterizer in tests with sample applications and can achieve performance that surpasses low end integrated graphics hardware in many cases. SwiftShader achieves this unprecedented level of performance by dynamically compiling highly optimized code special to an application's 3D rendering needs. SwiftShader is currently available for x86 CPUs with Intel's SSE multimedia instruction set extensions. SwiftShader runs on Microsoft Windows 98 and higher, or on Linux through TransGaming's Cedega portability technology. SwiftShader can also be used on MacOS X in conjunction with TransGaming's Cider technology.


  1. Arka Says:
  2. Sounds good

    let me test

    thanks in advance

  3. Arka Says:
  4. oops... in normal XP, what to do..?

  5. Swift Shader is the best to play games without any lag.

  6. waris Says:
  7. nice job man its tottaly awesome

  8. Unknown Says:
  9. Need for Speed Corbondiaxide foe death


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