Windows Vista OS for your PSP

Posted by Tejaswi Friday, November 21, 2008
Windows Vista OS for your PSP

1. Download from here (

2. Unzip to a folder on your hard drive

3. Plug in the PSP using the USB cable

4. Copy the folder “pspWxp” (without quotes) directly onto the PSP’s memory card. (most likely E:)

5. Unplug the USB cable after it has finished copying

6. Go into the internet browser of the PSP

7. Type in the address “file:/pspWxp/index.htm” (without quotes)

8. Press enter

9. Press Triangle to hide the browser’s toolbars (press triangle again to show it)

10. You should now be at the Windows XP desktop. If not, go to troubleshooting.

Setting pspWxp as home page

This will allow the webpage to be opened immediatly on the browser.

1. Follow the steps above to get to the desktop

2. Press triangle to reveal the toolbars

3. Using the arrow keys, go to tools and press X

4. Select Settings and press X

5. Select Home Page Settings and click X

6. Select Use Current Page and press X

7. Select OK and press X

8. Press Circle and then triangle to return to the desktop

Opening a program on the desktop

1. Using the analog stick, move the cursor over the program icon

2. Press X

Opening the Start menu

1. Use the analog stick to move the cursor over the Start button

2. Press X

Opening a program or submenu in the start menu

1. Follow the steps above to open the start menu

2. Move the cursor over the program/submenu name/icon

3. Press X


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