Secure It Easy v2.0.1.6 + Crack

Posted by Tejaswi Saturday, December 6, 2008

Secure It Easy v2.0.1.6 + Crack

Current Release Version: (32bit)

- Endpoint Security for your PC
Protects PCs from data leakage, data theft, virus infection or other threads posed by portable storage devices such as USB Flash Drives, MP3 Players, iPods, digital cameras and other portable devices with internal memory.

- Manage use of portable storage devices
Gives the administrator the ability to authorize the use of devices. These Authorized Devices are also called Trusted Devices. By authorizing a device a user will be allowed to use only this particular device. Any other portable storage device connected has not been authorized by the PCs administrator will not work. Also self executing devices like a USB Flash Drive with a CD-ROM Autorun Partition such as U3 smart Drives will not be accessible and thereby pose no thread.

- File Tracing
Allows the administrator to record the file properties of files that are written or read from or to portable storage devices for later analysis.

- Device Logging
All devices that are connected if they are authorized or not are recorded in a log file for later reference.

- E-Mail Notification / Alerts
In case an unauthorized device is connected to a protected PC the administrator has the option to be notified via e-mail.

- Network "Offline" Capability
When a Notebook is disconnected from the local area network, the USB endpoint protection will remain, working as configured.

- Administrative Control
Only the PCs administrator is allowed to authorize devices or to configure Secure it Easy.

- Configuration Password
Only the PCs administrator is allowed to authorize devices for use. An optional password gives additional protection in an environment where many users are having administrative rights.

- Multilingual User Interface: English, German, French and Romanian
The simple administrative user interface that is multilingual in English, German, French and Romanian allows for a fast and easy setup on your PCs.

Secure it Easy will give you the control you need over your PCs endpoint devices. All portable storage devices such as USB Flash Drives, U3 smart Drives, iPods, MP3 Players, digital cameras, portable HDDs, mobile phones and other devices pose a threat when connected to your PC because any of them can be used to leak (steal) and upload data from your PC in a matter of minutes or seconds.

By authorizing your digital camera, your iPod or a specific USB Flash Drive for, example, you ensure that your data goes only where it should. Any other devices which do not have your authorization will simply not work and therefore will not pose a threat to your PC.

As a Secure it Easy user you will experience the convenience and efficiency of working with your TrustedDevices routinely, while knowing your PC is protected.

By using only a firewall and antivirus software, your PC is protected only against threats posed from the outside (Internet) but not against internal threats (endpoints).

Secure it Easy will help you protect your PC from all threats posed by portable devices that are connected via the USB port. Secure it Easy gives you full control over your PCs endpoints.

Install Notes:
1. Unpack
2. Install the software
3. Copy file from Crack folder into Install Directory (C:\Program Files\CoSoSys Ltd\Secure it Easy)
4. RESTART PC !!! (do not start the application yet)


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