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Posted by Tejaswi Wednesday, December 3, 2008
Wave to Text is the perfect companion for professionals on the move. Record your notes, ideas, comments and memos anywhere via a portable recording device (like a simple voice recorder or your PDA). Then, once you are back in the office, use Wave to Text to convert your .wav files into clear, fluent text. This state-of-the-art helper is great even for home businesses and serious office use. Now you do not need to worry about being away from your desk when an important discussion is taking place or when you have your next Eureka! moment. Rely on Wave on Text to accurately convert all continuous speech into text ready for business use.

To help developers who want incorporate our voice-based security system into their applications, wave provided a Wave to Text SDK component. The SDK integrates seamlessly with any application, and detailed instructions are provided when you first install the component. Wave to Text SDK offers you the unique opportunity to provide cutting-edge speech-to-text facilities that you wow and lure your customers with.


Wave to Text is ideal for professionals on the move. Forget pen and paper, record all comments, thoughts, discussions, lectures and even interviews, and review at your leisure. No need to type it out later, Wave to Text quickly and efficiently converts everything into text documents that you can proof-read and immediately use. Save time in redundant task, and apply it where it really matters.

If you run a home business, Wave to Text gives you the benefits of working from anywhere in the house. Capture your early-morning brainstorming from the comfort of your bed, save your ideas while taking a coffee break, and when you get back to your work-space, simply run Wave to Texts converter and you can pick up from where your thoughts are right now.

Working on a 9 to 5 job? Don't worry. Record lunch discussions, coffee-break brainstorming and even memos without ever worrying about accuracy issues. After some training, Wave to Text simplifies all your work, seamlessly converting your speech into text that requires little proof-reading. Now you can work at your own pace, and still come out on top of the pile.

And if you're a developer looking to provide Wave to Text functionality within your application, wave released a Wave to Text SDK as well.

1)Eliminate the need for typing out recorded discussions, comments and memos.
2)Convert your voice mails into text.
3)Customized vocabulary sets allow you to use Wave to Text in technical tasks with ease.
4)Save large amounts of time by working even when you're not at your desk, then have it ready for further use and development when you return.
5)Wave to Text SDK gives you the freedom to use speech-to-text functionality within your applications.

Use the below appeared Keygen and activate your Software.


128 MB RAM
Disk Space : 200 MB FREE
Internet Explorer 6.0+ or Internet Browser for HTML files.
Color monitor 800x600 resolution Display Font Size (default ) small
Display True Color (24 bit)
CPU speed Pentium Type 100Mhz +
WinZip 8.0+
Multimedia Industry standard Sound Card with headphones or external speakers

Convert Wave to Text - Convert any pre-recorded .wav file into a text document. Reaches 80% accuracy, but this can be further increased by training the program to your voice.
2)Quick Editor - Easily edit your converted documents to remove any errors that occur from conversion.
3)Train Voice - Train the software to get it used to your voice patterns. Its fairly easy and quick, and helps Wave to Text achieve higher accuracy levels.
4)Customize - Add words, expressions and technical terms that you frequently use in your line of work to the vocabulary word set.
5)Dictation - Wave to Text also works as a traditional dictation tool.
6)Wave Recorder - Simple but efficient sound recorder.
7)Wave Player - Playback recorded files. Useful when proof-reading converted documents.
8)Wave to Text SDK - Use this and other speech-recognition components within your applications.


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