MySQL 5.0.77

Posted by Tejaswi Sunday, March 1, 2009
MySQL is a multithreaded, multi-user, SQL Database Management System (DBMS).Features:
* A broad subset of ANSI SQL 99, as well as extensions
* Cross-platform support
* Stored procedures
* Triggers
* Cursors
* updatable Views
* True VARCHAR support
* Strict mode
* X/Open XA distributed transaction processing (DTP) support; two phase commit as part of this, using Oracle's InnoDB engine
* Independent storage engines (MyISAM for read speed, InnoDB for transactions and referential integrity, Archive for storing historical data in little space)
* Transactions with the InnoDB, BDB and Cluster storage engines; savepoints with InnoDB
* SSL support
* Query caching
* Sub-SELECTs (i.e. nested SELECTs)
* Replication with one master per slave, many slaves per master, no automatic support for multiple masters per slave.
* Full-text indexing and searching using MyISAM engine
* Embedded database library
* Full Unicode support
* ACID compliance using the InnoDB, BDB and Cluster engines
* Shared-nothing clustering through MySQL Cluster

Installation note: ******************
1. Install Setup.exe
2. Enjoy

[ Download mysql 5.0.77 part 1]
[ Download mysql 5.0.77 part 2]
[ Download mysql 5.0.77 part 3]


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