Run any version of virtually any application on a single operating system without conflicts. You can even run multiple versions of the same application. Plug VMware ThinApp, formerly known as Thinstall, into your existing management infrastructure and accelerate your software development and desktop deployment. Deliver and deploy applications more efficiently, more securely, and more cost-effectively with agentless application virtualization.

* Package each application with its own DLL file and registry changes to eliminate installation conflicts
* Execute applications on locked-down PCs in 100% user mode
* Run applications from any media without needing admin privileges

Simplify application deployments by eliminating application conflicts through application virtualization. Package an entire application and its settings into a single executable that is isolated from the OS. Plug VMware ThinApp into your existing management infrastructure and accelerate your application development and desktop deployment. Deliver and deploy applications more efficiently, more securely, and more cost-effectively.

* Run applications from any media without needing admin privileges for secure mobile computing
* Maximize uptime during application migration and updates

Eliminate Installation Conflicts with Application Virtualization

Application virtualization encapsulates the applications from the OS and each other; eliminating costly regression testing and conflicts from badly behaving applications. Just plug in an .MSI or .EXE file to deploy a virtual system environment, including registry keys, DLLs, third-party libraries, and frameworks without requiring any installation of agents or applications on the underlying operating system.

Package Once, Deploy Everywhere?Network, USB, Physical or Virtual Desktops

Deploy virtualized applications in user mode, without administrative rights. No device drivers are installed and no registry changes are made because the entire application and its virtual OS are delivered as a single EXE file. Transparently stream large applications from a shared network drive with no server or client software to install. Upgrade or roll-back applications while they?re running. The new version will execute the next time the user starts the application.

Cater to Your Mobile Workforce

Let your users run applications on virtually any computer they have access to, including kiosk and hotel PCs. They won?t need to install software or device drivers and won?t need admin rights. Applications run directly from portable storage devices, including Flash drives.

Improve Your Software Distribution Process

Deliver software that protects the local OS from modifications that might cause instability or breach security using your existing configuration management tools. Even restricted user accounts can safely run virtualized applications without requiring a local installation, making it much more appetizing for IT staff concerned about security.

Ease OS and Application Migrations

ThinApp agentless application virtualization eases OS migrations by enabling applications to run side by side on the same operating system. Users can continue with business as usual without disruption from problematic applications. Furthermore, if an application needs to be removed from the endpoint?it is a simple file-remove with no mess left to clean up in the system registry.

Tutorial BY Tejaswi Solutions
1) Step one Open your Vmware after successful installation was completed by using the Keygen provided with in the download.

2) Step 2 Click on NEXT it gives some general instructions, that you need to make portable applications on a clean PC, But its not mandatory friends. You can use it even on a heavy installed applications of a PC too. As i was doing that only now.

3)A Pre scan of all the applications installed in your PC takes place at this step. So that it records the present status of your PC with the installed applications.

4) After the Pre Scaning was completed, it asks you to install the application on your PC, which you want to make it as portable application.

[NOTE: The application which you are about to install in your PC now, should not be present as already installed one.]
Example: In this tutorial i am installing "Explore XP" software on my PC now, Which was not installed in my system now.

5) I am installing Explorer XP software on my PC now.

And the Installation was completed, you can see here.

6) Now click on NEXT.....

7) Post scan in Progress in progress now, Now it scans for all the installed applications on your PC now. There by it knows whats the difference in the installed programs before and now.

8) After this Post scan completed you will get the newly installed application details, where you can see....

8a) ExplorerXP.exe
8b) Uninstall.exe
8c) ExplorerXP Help.exe
Check marked here. If you want any more applications or modules to use after making them as portable. You can mark it as checked.

Suppose i dont want....
8d) Uninstall.exe
8e) ExplorerXP Help.exe
So i can keep only the ExplorerXP.exe file marked as checked.But i have left as it is, in this tutorial friends.

9) If you want to store the protable application in a USB or in a Network you have the options below as you can see there. Else the default location of the storage will be the Directory where you have installed this VMware ThinApp.
C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware ThinApp\Captures

All the softwares that you want to make as portable will be stored in this %Captures% directory.
Now click next after choosing your option below.

10) Keep the Merged isolation mode as the default one and click next.So that any changes that you make to the portable can be saved.

10) If you want to compress the software after making it as portable. Select the option "Fast compression".
If you want to Built an MSI package. Mark the checkbox as marked and give the file name you desired to.
Project Location as we already have seen the default location of it would be..
C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware ThinApp\Captures

Click Next...

11) Your Portable application will be creted now and its in progress.

12) Now the portable application was Created. And you can browse it using "Browse Project" option.

BUT the portable application was not a single file now. It was in a discrete manner.we dont want the files to be like this.

Now click on the option Built Now. Dont forget to do this friends.

13) Building to a single portable file was in progress now.

After successful Building was done, you will get the message "Built complete". Now you can browse your application using the option Browse project

You have another alternative to explore your portable application location. By directly going to the location C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware ThinApp\Captures

14) Now browsing the files of the portable once at the location

C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware ThinApp\Captures\ExplorerXP (remove only)\bin

The files Explorer Xp , Explorer Xp Help , Uninstall were the files chosen by me to make as portable, and here they are now at the bin directory.

Copy and keep the Explorer.exe with you, and you can take this file any where else you want. In your pendrive or any CD/DVD.

So now copy and paste the Explorer.exe in some other directory that you have. And now you can delete all the folder from the directory
C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware ThinApp\Captures\

which was nothing but the ExplorerXP (remove only) directory, Yah now you can delete this folder entirely, as you have already copied your required portable explorer.exe in some other directory already.

15) See my Portable application was running now.Its good 100% working guys. Like the same you can make the portable applications like the MS-Office 2007, any Cd/DVD burning softwares etc...

Finish.............. Enjoy

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