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Posted by Tejaswi Monday, April 27, 2009

A general bundle of smaller programs, etc, that may be useful... Everyone has their own preferences, but there should be enough here to satisfy. Some of the descriptions are brief or non-existant. I'm sure you can appreciate the time involved, so any further involvement is between you and Google. Time to move on. Hope you find a few items that please.
If it goes well, we'll build a few more, but keep them specific; ie: Audio, Video, Antivirus, P2P, Backup, Install Builders, etc.

Note: Keygens, Patches, cracks, etc... some Antivirus software may flag/quarantine any of them.This download contains no viruses, and any alert is a false positive. I don't want to leave items out because of this.If you're unsure, delete it, and leave the false positives to the more experienced.

Kaspersky may get flagged. My NOD32 nailed part of it. Check your guarantine.

I have run and tested the content, AND my name is on and in it. It is clean.

This CONTAINS the Tools.........................
100 MB totally. So you can Carry all these 176 Portable apps with you, in your pendrive so easily. IT'S A MUST HAVE APPLICATION PACKAGE.

Access Enumerator v1.32
This simple yet powerful security tool shows you who has what access to directories, files and Registry keys on your systems. Use it to find holes in your permissions.

Active Directory Explorer v1.01
Active Directory Explorer is an advanced Active Directory (AD) viewer and editor.

Active Directory LDAP monitor v1.01
An LDAP (Light-weight Directory Access Protocol) real-time monitoring tool aimed at troubleshooting Active Directory client applications.

Add-Remove Cleaner

Adobe All Products Keymaker v1.02

AnyDVD Reset
Download and use AnyDVD features to copy DVD, HDDVD, Blu-Ray. Renew trial when ever necessary.

Auto Logon v2.10
Bypass password screen during logon.

Autoplay Repair Wizard

Autoruns v9.40
See what programs are configured to startup automatically when your system boots and you login. Autoruns also shows you the full list of Registry and file locations where applications can configure auto-start settings.

Auto Shutdown Pro v5.0
A system utility and power management tool It's timer supports: Shutdown, Restart, Logoff, Standby (if your computer can enter standby mode), Hibernate (if your computer can enter this mode), Lock Workstation (2000/XP systems only).

Autoplay Handlers Cleanup Utility v2.4

Bat To Exe Converter v1.4

BestCrypt Volume Encryption v2.10
For encrypting all the data stored on fixed and/or removable disk devices.

Boot to Safe Mode

BSOD Screen Saver v3.2
This screen saver not only accurately simulates Blue Screens, but simulated reboots as well (complete with CHKDSK), and works on Windows NT 4, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Server 2003 and Windows 9x.

Cable Modem Sniffer

CacheSet v1.0
CacheSet is a program that allows you to control the Cache Manager's working set size using functions provided by NT. It's compatible with all versions of NT.

CCleaner v2.18.878
Multi-purpose system cleaner.

CD-DVD Rewritable Eraser v4.2.2.15

CheckDisk or Format Disk

CIA UnErase v1.1
File unerase utility.


Codec and ActiveX Control

Command Prompt

Conficker Worm Removal Tool v10.0.1.551

Context Menu Editor

Copy Message Box

CPUID v4.14.5.410

DebugView v4.76
Another first from Sysinternals: This program intercepts calls made to DbgPrint by device drivers and OutputDebugString made by Win32 programs. It allows for viewing and recording of debug session output on your local machine or across the Internet without an active debugger.

Defraggler v1.02.085

Desktops v1.0
This new utility enables you to create up to four virtual desktops and to use a tray interface or hotkeys to preview what’s on each desktop and easily switch between them.

Dial-a-Fix v0.60.0.24
Dial-a-Fix is a collection of known fixes built from Microsoft Knowledgebase articles, Microsoft MVPs, and other important support forums, that will assist you in repairing problems with your system. Although this tool is ordinarily meant for power users, technicians, and administrators, it is quite safe to use even without technical guidance (although guidance is recommended). Simply choose the solutions you wish to apply via checkmarks, and click GO. There are other buttons and tools present on the main dialog as well, such as the policy scanner. All tools and checkmarks identify their purpose when you mouse over them.

Directory Lister

Disable DNS Caching

Disk Monitor v2.0
This utility captures all hard disk activity or acts like a software disk activity light in your system tray.

DiskView v2.21
Graphical disk sector utility.

Drive Manager v3.31

Drive Snapshot v1.39.0.13789
Disk Image Creation/Backup/Restore for Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/PE/x64/Vista

Drive Temp Monitor

DVD Shrink v3.2

DVD2One v2.3.0

ESET Mobile Antivirus
For your Mobile Phone

Exe, Dll Resource Editor

File Monitor v7.04
This monitoring tool lets you see all file system activity in real-time.

File Shares Viewer v1.6
Scan file shares on your network and view their security settings to close security holes.

File Splitter

Firewall Leak Test v1.2


FLV Audio-Video Extractor v1.4

Folder Content List Creator

Half-open Connections Patcher v3.7 (XP, Vista, 7)
Half-open limit fix intended for changing maximum number of concurrent half-open outbound TCP connections (connection attempts) in system file tcpip.sys.

Hard Drive Speed

Hibernate Windows

HiJack This v2
Scan and delete malicious files.

IE Password Recovery

ImgBurn v2.4.2.0

Instant Messengers Password Recovery

Internet Lock v5.1.0

IP Address Info Retrieve

iPod Data Recovery v3.0.1.5

ISO Burner

iTunes DRM Remover v1.8.5
Remove DRM from purchased music with iTunes v8.0.2 and previous versions.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus And Internet Security v7.0 Cracker

Kaspersky Licenses: Blacklist To Whitelist
This patch makes all blocked Kaspersky 7 licenses work, from blacklist to whitelist, and it also protects them from blacklisting. The "black.lst" file that is updated from kaspersky update should not be a problem anymore.

Requires NET Framework 3.0

Laptop Lock and Alarm

Load Order v1.0
See the order in which devices are loaded on your system.

MAC Address Changer

Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder v1.51

Mail Password Recovery

MD5 Verifier

Media Info

Messengers Password Recovery

Microburner v6.0.0.21
SilentNight Pro Burner enables burning of CD and DVD media. Besides the creation of simple data CD and DVD, it also converts audio and video formats (Mpeg1, Mpeg2, Vob, Avi, Wmv, Mov, Mp3, Ogg, Wma etc.). Extract audio from supported video formats. Create Video cd (Mpeg1) and Super Video cd (Mpeg2). Burn .Iso, .Bin and .Cue image files. The audio grabber can copy digital audio tracks to a target and convert to audio formats: Wave(pcm), OggVorbis, mp3 and WMA. ID3 Tag support and FreeDB Connection Support with customizing Proxy and finally options to create m3u Lists. Create Video DVD from existing DVD files, and a Film DVD copy module. A decent backup solution.

Data CD/DVD ISO9960, Joliet (Multisession), UDF, MiniDVD (Video DVD on CD). Support for hardware buffer underrun protection systems like BURNproof, JustLink, Power-Burn, SafeBurn, SeamlessLink etc, and MMC compatible CD-R/RW, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW/DL and DVD-RAM burners. Works with Windows 98SE/ME/NT/2000/XP.

Microsoft Genuine Advantage Diagnostic Tool

Microsoft System Configuration Utility

MozBackup v1.4.9
Backup Mozilla software

MP3 Split Join v2.5
Cut & Join your MP3 Audio Files

MSN SQM Delete
Deletes the useless files that MSN leaves behind after closing.

Network Adapter Info

NodEnabler v3.0 x86

Norton Software Removal Tool v2009.0.5.26

Notepad 2008

Object Manager Viewer v2.15
The ultimate Object Manager namespace viewer is here.

Page Defrag v2.32
Defragment your paging files and Registry hives.

Password Generator

Password Hacker

PDF Password Remover v3.0

Port Forwarding v2.3.1
For those of you that don't know how to forward ports, or could use a simple tool.

Port Monitor v3.02
Monitor serial and parallel port activity with this advanced monitoring tool. It knows about all standard serial and parallel IOCTLs and even shows you a portion of the data being sent and received. Version 3.x has powerful new UI enhancements and advanced filtering capabilities.

Process Explorer v11.33
Find out what files, registry keys and other objects processes have open, which DLLs they have loaded, and more. This uniquely powerful utility will even show you who owns each process.

Process Monitor v2.04
Monitor file system, Registry, process, thread and DLL activity in real-time.

Processes Control

Processor Performance Monitor

Quick Batch File Compiler v2.1.7.0

Record-Anything v2.95

Recuva v1.20.361
Recover lost files and data.

Reg File Creator

Reg Monitor v7.04
This monitoring tool lets you see all Registry activity in real-time.

Reg Search

Reg To Bat

Registry Mechanic v8.0.0.900


Regkey Hide
Create and Hide a Registry Key


RegShot v2.0.1.63

RegVac Registry Cleaner v5.01.21

Rename Master v2.8.2

Renew IP

Resource Hacker v3.4.0.79

Restart Explorer

RockXP v4

RogueRemover PRO v1.17

Rootkit Revealer v1.71
Scan your system for rootkit-based malware.

Router Port Mapping Tool

Screen Shot

Service Tweaker

Set Time

Shell Run As v1.01
Launch programs as a different user via a convenient shell context-menu entry.

Show Password

SID Generator v4.10
Change your computer SID.

Smart Port Forwarding

Snapshot Take and Edit

Startup Manager

System Colour v1.02
Change colors in themes etc.

System Info
Obtain information about a system.

System Restore Point Creator

Tag & Rename v3.5
Tag & Rename your Audio Files

Task Manager Extra

Task Manager Fix
Can't get at your Task Manager? This will fix it.

TCP Security Config XP

TCPIP, UDP Port Control

TCPView v2.54
Active socket command-line viewer.

TeraCopy v1.22 Pro

Tidy Start Menu

Total Commander v7.03

Tweak UI For Vista

Tweak UI for XP

UHARC v4.0.0.2

UltraISO Premium Edition v9.33.2685

Unknown Devices

Unlocker v1.8.7
Unlock in-use files, so you can delete, move, copy, rename.

UPX Exe Compress-Decompress
Executable compressor-decompressor

USB stick and MP3 Player Image Creator

ĀµTorrent IP Filter Updater
Update your ĀµTorrent IP Filter list.

UXTheme Multi-Patcher v6.0
Patch your uXtheme.dll file to use 3rd party visual styles

VBS to EXE Converter

Video Bitrate Calculator

Video Cache View v1.42
This utility can extract the video files from the cache and save it for watching it in the future.

Virtual Memory Map v1.02
VMMap is a process virtual and physical memory analysis utility.

Vista Developer Activation v2.1

VMware ThinApp v4.0.1 Build 2866

Wallpaper w/System Info Generator v4.15
This fully-configurable program automatically generates desktop backgrounds that include important information about the system including IP addresses, computer name, network adapters, etc.

Website Extractor v9.90

Whois This Domain

Windows All Versions & Office 2007 Genuine Advantage (v1.9.40 & v1.7.111) Fix
Works for Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7.
Make your System and/or Office 2007 Genuine.

Windows CD Key

Windows Downloads: Genuine Validation Number Generator

Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications Tool Remover v1.2
Remove the Microsoft "Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications" tool (Security Update KB905474), which is calling home and connecting to MS servers every time you boot.
Microsoft has blacklisted the student key, etc. You shouldn't be using auto-update anyway. You should be enabling it only to go to the site for an update scan, and then select 'Custom', so you choose your updates. Anyway, use this tool to clean up your PC.

Windows Memory Purge Utility

WinImage v8.10.8100
A disk-imaging suite for creation, reading and editing of many image formats and fileystems, including DMF, VHD, FAT, ISO, NTFS and Linux. The disk image is an exact copy of a physical disk (floppy, CD-ROM, hard disk, USB, VHD disk, etc.) or a partition that preserves the original structure. You can recreate the disk image on the hard drive or other media, view its content, extract image-based files, add new files and directories, change the format, and defragment the image.

WinRAR v3.80

Winsock XP Fix v1.2
Reset reg settings related to internet connectivity to those of your original installation.
This tool repairs WinSock settings that have been corrupted or rendered incorrect (a common casualty of spyware). Run the program once, and you should be back on the Web.

WipeDisk v1.1

WipeFile v2.1

Wireless Key View

XP Genuine License Keys

XP Password Manager

XP Security Console v1.4.0.3
Tweak Security Settings

xp-AntiSpy v3.97.2

XPLite Pro v1.9.0.334
Completelt remove programs and features from XP.

X-Setup Pro v9.1.100 Portable
The mother of all tweakers, the most complete tweaker available: over 2,000 settings to access hidden functions (for Windows, Internet Explorer, Instant Messaging, Office, Explorer appearance, Server options, Network settings, Security...).

Zoom It v3.03
Presentation utility for zooming and drawing on the screen.

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