Symantec Ghost 11.5 is for taking entire backup and restore of the partition image. Once after you have installed all your applications as a fresh install in your new Operating system. You can backup it just with a few clicks of 4-5 mins of time only, with an extention format .Gho, Nothing but ghost format. When u want to intall again a operating system which takes really allot of time (Example XP- 30 mins, Vista/win 7 - 50 mins) on normal systems for sure.

But once you had created a Ghost image of the entire partition then no need to install again and again your operating systems.Just you can restore your Os by the Ghost image through the symantec ghost.

Admin Review:

1. Really a Must Have Application with which one can create there own system Ghosts Easily, with in 2-4 mins of time only.That means taking Backup was really with 1000% increased Speed.
2. Heavy compression of the Partition (Ex: 2.9 GB ->0.9 GB )
No compression of the Partition remains the same with .Gho file format.
3. Many Awesome options

Usage Instructions:

1. Creation of Ghost from a Partition

a) Local -> Partition -> To Image
b) Select the Destination directory to save your image.
c) Select the Option Compression or No Compression Format.
d) Next click ok.Immediately your Ghost image will be created with in 4 mins.
e) Thats set Finish. If you had Made a Ghost image of a partition where u had the files of the bootable partition(i.e the partition of Operating System one )

2. Applying the Ghost image to any Partition

a) Local -> Partition -> From Image
b) Select the Ghost image Source partition and select the Ghost image and click ok.
c) Next choose the Destination Partition to which you want to Place the Ghost image into the partition. where whole the files in the Ghost will be extracted into the partition
[Note: Placing the ghost will will overwrite all the data in the partition, where you are thinking Mount the Ghost image. ]
d) Next after this it asks for the conformation that the chosen partition data will be overwritten by the Ghost files after extracted. Choose Yes or ok.
e) With in 4 mins your partition will be seen by all the files that you had made the Ghost image on some day.
f) Thats set Finish.
[Note :If you had made the Ghost from the Operating system partition (In creation of a Ghost Image Step 1). Then this will be bootable partition.]
g) Like this without installing again and again a new os. Simply follow the steps and Create a ghost the saves ur life too.

3) Local -> To Disk 4) Local -> From Disk
[ Same steps as with we do with the partition.We do with the Disk. Simplying burning the Ghost into a DVD and processing the above steps]

5)There were others options like Peer to Peer.....

Information Present with in the Package downloaded by you
[ This Package was a Non - Bootable windows Package. I will soon post a Bootable pack too.]
3 essential files working stand alone in DOS and 32 bit to backup and restore your computer.All Portable no installation needed.

1) Ghost.exe 2.2MB, GhostSvr 621 kb.

2) Ghost32.exe 3.8MB

3) Ghostexp.exe 1.57 MB

Download Symantec Ghost v11.5.0.2113 Corporate Edition 2008


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