Portable Mouse Emulator work with your Keyboard Numpad

Posted by Tejaswi Saturday, May 2, 2009
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The virtual mouse menu can be used in place of a mouse, This can be operated with the help of the numpad on your Keyboard, your numpad should be enabled on for this virtual mouse to work. The program runs under windows NT/9x and above.

Ctrl + Keypad 0 - Enable/Disable Mouse emulator

You can exit Mouse Emulator by right clicking on the mouse icon in the taskbar.

Adjusting the mouse speed:
Double click on one of the .reg files and restart the program to change the
mouse speed. For instance double-click on SlowMouseSpeed.reg and restart the
program if you think the mouse speed of mouse emulator is too high.

For advanced users:
If you want to adjust the mouse speed, you can use regedit to change
the registry values.

The program recognizes the following keys: (NumLock must be ON!)
Keypad 1 - Left mouse button
Keypad 2 - Right mouse button
Keypad 3 - Middle mouse button
Keypad 4, 5, 6, 8 - Moves the mouse left, down, right or up respectively.
Keypad 7 - Mousewheel up (Scroll)
Keypad 9 - Mousewheel down (Scroll)
Keypad / - Toggle Left mouse button (Useful for RSI users)
Keypad * - Toggle Right mouse button (Useful for RSI users)
Keypad - - Toggle Middle mouse button (Useful for RSI users)

Usage Instructions
1) Double click on the mousemu.exe and open it , now you can see the mouse icon in the system tray.NumLock must be ON!
2) To Exit right click on the mouse icon at the system tray, and click exit button.

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Download Portable Mouse Emulator


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