In this AIO Includes:

- Dreamweaver 8, CS4
- Update 8.1
- Update 8.2
- Flash Pro 8
- Fireworks
- Font Expert 2009

Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 - the best choice for professional Web developers. Create Web sites and applications worldwide through one of the best development tools. View pages in real browser by viewing the interactive features of Dreamweaver CS4 preserving access to the code. Create web pages in Dreamweaver so end users can edit them without your intervention or additional software using online services InContext Editing. Designers working in Dreamweaver, can limit the possibility of changes in certain areas of the draft page. Software Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 is ideal for web designers and developers, as well as specialists in visual design.

Work with a realistic picture, CSS, javascript, SWF, and dynamic content directly in Dreamweaver. Quickly integrate into their web pages of third-party widgets from the most common frameworks javascript.

Interactive View
View pages in real browser by viewing the interactive features of Dreamweaver CS4 preserving access to the code. Changes in the code immediately displayed on the screen.

Tips for the code for javascript and Ajax frameworks
Quickly and efficiently create javascript code with the help of improved support for basic facilities and simple data types javascript. Use advanced features of Dreamweaver CS4 to create the code, using popular frameworks javascript, including jQuery, Prototype, and Spry.

Related Files
Effectively manage the various files that make up web pages in Dreamweaver CS4, using the "Related Files." Click any related file to see its source in the presentation of "Code" and the parent page in the presentation of "Design".

Tools generate code
Use the built-tips for a more rapid and accurate creation of the code in HTML, javascript, frames of Ajax, as Spry, jQuery and Prototype, and some server languages.

Navigator code
A new feature of your browser shows all the code sources CSS, relating to the selection: the rules of CSS, server side includes, external function of javascript, templates Dreamweaver, source files, objects Iframe, etc.

Support for Adobe AIR ™ authoring
Create Adobe AIR ™ applications based on HTML and the javascript directly into Dreamweaver. See Annex AIR, without leaving the program Dreamweaver. Prepare Adobe AIR application to be deployed by using the layout and signing of code AIR.

FLV Support
FLV files can be easily integrated into any web page and make the appropriate standards of the code - it does not require skills in Adobe Flash ®. Create projects play FLV videos in a new mode of interactive viewing.

Support for leading technologies
Design and create code using tools that supports most of the leading web development technologies, including HTML, XHTML, CSS, XML, javascript, Ajax, PHP, Adobe ColdFusion ® software, and ASP.

Study experience
Visually create projects using ready developments CSS, followed by a description of practical principles, written in accessible language. Create interactive elements on the basis of Ajax, using experience.

CSS Engine
Use developments CSS, avoid the need to write code. Create new CSS rules in the panel properties and to obtain simple and clear explanations about the location of each property in the cascade of styles.

Comprehensive CSS support
Create new styles for sites with enhanced CSS implementation tools in Dreamweaver CS4. Quickly define and modify CSS rules by using the panel properties with instant display of changes in the presentation of "Design" and "interactive show". Use the associated files and browser code to determine which rules are defined CSS.

Training resources
Improve your skills in creating web sites with complete user guide built into Dreamweaver CS4. Watch for new web technologies with the help of a reference system, administered by the user community.

Extended Dreamweaver community
Take advantage of extended community Dreamweaver, including the online Adobe Design Center service, and Adobe Developer Connection, training and seminars, developer certification programs, and user forums.

Online Services
Get access to online services from the Dreamweaver environment for the exchange of working models on the screen with colleagues or clients with a few clicks, faster more accurate search results online community resources and ideas for creating new projects.

Manage Content
Make sure that clients are able to make changes in the developed directly from the browser page. Add to your site dynamic data without the use of databases or complex code.

Smart objects Adobe Photoshop
Insert any Photoshop PSD document in Dreamweaver to create a smart object images. Smart objects are closely associated with the original file. Make changes to the original image and update it Dreamweaver, do not run the program Photoshop.

Datasets HTML
Integrate the possibility of dynamic data in web pages, not considering database management code, or XML. Spry Data Sets recognize content in a simple HTML table as an interactive data source.

New User Interface
Work quickly and effectively in all components of Adobe Creative Suite ® 4 with a common user interface. Switch between the working environment using the working spaces.

Integration between the products
Take advantage of the opportunities and the integration of the intellectual capacity of Dreamweaver CS4 and other tools for Adobe, including Adobe Flash ® CS4 Professional, Fireworks ® CS4, Photoshop ® CS4, and Device Central CS4, through direct interaction product line.

Integration of Subversion
Update your site and check the changes directly in Dreamweaver. The program of Dreamweaver CS4 software is related to Subversion, version control system with open source, which allows for a more powerful return / retrieval of documents.

Cross support
Work as you prefer: Dreamweaver CS4 software is available for Mac computers based on PowerPC ® and Intel ®, as well as for operating systems Microsoft ® Windows ® XP and Windows Vista ®. Create projects in one system and then transfer them to other platforms with the preservation of the reliability, stability and quality of results.

Summary of new features:
* Online viewing of a real browser with continued access to the code
* Tips on code for Ajax frameworks and javascript
* The "Related Files" for the effective management of the various files that make up a web page
* Navigator of the code that shows all the CSS source code
* Support for Adobe AIR ™ authoring
* Engine CSS, avoid the need to write code
* Create a smart object images through insertion of any documents in Adobe Photoshop DreamWeaver
* HTML data sets
* New User Interface
* Integration of Subversion

Summary of improved features:
* Support FLV
* Built-creation code
* Comprehensive support for CSS
* Educational resources
* Extended Dreamweaver community
* Integration between products
* Cross-support

- Portable Adobe DreamWeaver CS4 (Lang EN+FR)
- 240 Gold Plugins For Adobe Dreamweaver
- Portable Adobe Fireworks CS3 v9.0
- 87 Newest Adobe Fonts
- Font Expert 2009 Full
- Adobe All Products Keymaker 2009


Adobe Fireworks CS3 9.0
Accelerate web design and development with Adobe® Fireworks® CS3 software, the ideal tool for creating and optimizing images for the web and rapidly prototyping websites.

Top features
Vector and bitmap editing
Create and edit vector and bitmap images, and import and edit native Photoshop and Illustrator files.

Image optimization
Optimize graphics for virtually any delivery scenario with preview, cross-platform gamma preview, selective JPEG compression, and a wide range of export controls.

Efficient Photoshop and Illustrator integration
Import Photoshop (PSD) files while retaining hierarchical layers, layer effects, and blend modes. Save Fireworks (PNG) files back into Photoshop (PSD) format. Import Illustrator (AI) files while retaining graphic integrity, including layer, group, and color information....

Multipage support
Use the new Pages panel to create multiple pages in a single document (PNG file), and share layers across multiple pages. Each page can contain its own slices, layers, frames, animations, and canvas settings, making it easy to simulate website flow in a prototype.

Hierarchical layer organization
Organize and manage your prototypes with a new hierarchical layer structure--similar to the one in Adobe Photoshop--that enables you to easily organize web layers and pages.

Filter effects
Apply lighting effects, shadow effects, styles, and blend modes, including seven new blend modes from Photoshop, to add depth and character to text and symbols.

Common library
Jump-start your prototyping with a common library of graphic symbols, text symbols, and animations frequently used in web applications, forms, interfaces, and websites.

Intelligent scaling
Intelligently scale buttons and graphic symbols (in vector or bitmap) with 9-slice scaling. Combine 9-slice scaling with the new Auto Shape library to accelerate website and application prototyping.

Streamlined Dreamweaver and Flash integration
Copy any object in Fireworks CS3 and paste it directly into Dreamweaver CS3. Create pop-up menus that can be saved as CSS and HTML. Export Fireworks (PNG) files directly to Flash CS3 while maintaining vectors, bitmaps, animations, and multistates, and then edit in Flash CS3.


Gold Plugins For Adobe Dreamweaver

1. A Simple Poll V2.0.0
2. Abrir Janela Pop-Up V1.0.2
3. Add Gradient Background Style V1.0.0
4. Add onmouseout V1.0.0
5. Adobe Style Menu V4.0.2
6. Advanced CSS File Include V1.0.0
7. Advanced Manage Workspace Layouts V1.1.1
8. Advanced Random Images V4.3.8
9. ASP Random Images V1.0.2
10. Atomz Search V2.0.19
11. Auto Default Form Field V1.0.2
12. Automatic Jump Menu V1.0.2
13. Book Flip V1.0.2
14. Bordered Table V2.1.1
15. Breadcrumbs V1.4.4
16. Calandar Maker V1.0.1
17. Calendar Object V2.0.4
18. Caps And Case Change V1.1.3
19. Center Layout Tables V1.0.0
20. Center Popup Window V1.0.1
21. Check Form V4.66.0
22. Clear Initial Form Fields V2.1.1
23. Close All Documents V1.0.5
24. Close Bowser Window V1.2.0
25. Close Button 1.1.1
26. Colour Harmony V1.0.0
27. Compare To V1.0.2
28. Constructioner Areas (C-Areas) V2.0.1
29. Contect Help Toolbar V1.2.0
30. CourseBuilder V4.4.1.0
31. Cross-browser AutoScroller V2.0.0
32. Cruotons V1.0.0
33. CSS Target Media Type Interface V2.0.1
34. D4WStatsLittle V1.12.0
35. Date Insertion V1.4.2
36. Diable Field V1.0.2
37. Div Tags V1.0.0
38. Downloads Counter V1.1.0
39. DwZone Access DataBase Connection V1.2.0
40. DwZone Advanced Form Controls V1.3.8
41. DwZone Advanced Image Gallery V1.2.8
42. DwZone Advanced Mail Plug In V1.2.1
43. DwZone Advanced Mail PlugIn Delete V1.1.0
44. DwZone Advanced Mail V2.2.3
45. DwZone Advanced Search V1.3.9
46. DwZone ASP Upload And Resize Simple V1.9.7
47. DwZone ASP Upload And Resize V2.2.2
48. DwZone ASP Upload Simple V1.7.5
49. DwZone ASP Upload V1.9.0
50. DwZone ASP.NET Advanced Mail V1.1.6
51. DwZone ASP.NET File Upload And Resize V1.2.3
52. DwZone ASP.NET File Upload V1.2.1
53. DwZone ASP.NET Image Gallery V1.1.0
54. DwZone ASP.NET Multi Column Combo Box V1.1.1
55. DwZone Dynamic Chart V1.1.1
56. DwZone Dynamic Image V1.2.1
57. DwZone Dynamic Sort Table V1.1.0
58. DwZone Multi Column Combo Box V1.1.7
59. DwZone Professional Query Manager V1.5.4
60. DwZone Professional Record Wizard
61. DwZone Site Search Engine V1.2.9
62. DwZone Visual CDonts Insert Object V1.1.4
63. DwZone Visual Include V1.1.4
64. DwZone Visual Search File V1.1.0
65. DwZone WYSIWYG HTML Editor V1.5.4
66. Dyanmic Images V1.1.3
67. External Links Pro V1.0.15
68. Fade Link V1.0.6
69. Favorites Menu V1.0.0
70. Flat Button V1.0.4
71. Float Layer V1.0.1
72. Form Calculator V1.2.4
73. Form Inputs To Datasource V1.3.3
74. Form Maker V2.0.0
75. Form Security V2.9.5
76. Format Table CSS V1.0.1
77. Frunder Flash Menu V2.5.0
78. F-source Business Drop Down Menu V1.0.0
79. F-source Business Style Menu V1.2.1 & f-source Navigation Guide V1.0.0 [1]
80. F-source Business Style Menu V1.2.1 & f-source Navigation Guide V1.0.0 [2]
81. F-source Cubic Menu V2.1.0
82. F-source Metalic Menu V1.1.0
83. GenB V1.4.1
84. Go To URL In Opener V1.0.0
85. History Navigation V1.1.2
86. IM Animated Collapsible Accordion V1.1.1
87. Image Bounds V1.0.0
88. Insert A QuickTime Movie V1.0.1
89. Insert Filename V1.0.0
90. Insert Flash Animation V1.0.1
91. javascript Syntax Checker V1.0.0
92. Joomla V1.5 Extension
93. Language Menu V2.0.0
94. Likno AllWebMenus javascript Menu Builder V1.0.1
95. Link Title V1.0.0
96. List Menu Data V1.0.4
97. List-Menu Rewrite V1.1.2
98. Live Clock V2.3.2
99. Load Site Selection V1.0.6
100. Mac Style Menu V4.2.1
101. Macromedia Style Menu V4.2.1
102. MenuKit V1.2.2
103. MenuKit V2.0.1
104. MiArt HTTP Header Tool V1.4.0
105. Mighty Flighty CSS Template V1.0.1
106. Multiple Selection V1.0.0
107. Netscape And Opera Resize Fix V1.0.14
108. Page List V1.1.3
109. Panels Toolbar V1.0.0
110. PayPal Button Creator V2.1.3
111. PlayStream VideoLaunch V1.1.0
112. PluginLab Combo Box Menu V1.4.0
113. PluginLab Combo Box Menu V2.0.41
114. PluginLab CSS Tree Menu V1.011
115. PluginLab Horizontal Flyout Menu V2.0.80
116. PluginLab Horizontal Image Menu V2.0.30
117. PluginLab Vertical Flyout Menu V2.0.80
118. PluginLab Vertical Image Menu V2.0.30
119. Pop Up Text Link V1.0.0
120. Popup Link V1.3.0
121. Popup Messages V1.0.6
122. Puzzle Factory Game Arcade V1.0.3
123. PVII Accordion Panel Magic V1.04
124. PVII AniMagic Layers V2.90
125. PVII Auto ShowHide V1.20
126. PVII AutoHide V1.70
127. PVII AutoLayers V1.50
128. PVII Class Changer V2.70
129. PVII CSS Cookie Monster V1.80
130. PVII CSS Layout Magic V1.07
131. PVII Fix Null Links V1.02
132. PVII Horizontal Scroller V1.70
133. PVII Image Gallery Magic V1.1.5
134. PVII Instant CSS V2.20
135. PVII Jump Menu Magic V1.40
136. PVII Layout Designer 2 V2.4.0
137. PVII Layout Designer 2 V2.60
138. PVII Multi-Class 2 V1.00
139. PVII Multi-Move V1.40
140. PVII Opera Resize Fix V1.1.0
141. PVII PagePack -Ennergi V1.0.2
142. PVII PagePack -Graffiti V1.0.7
143. PVII PagePack -il Libro V1.0.2
144. PVII PagePack -Jazz 05 V1.0.4
145. PVII PagePack -Key Lime V1.0.7
146. PVII PagePack -Utopia V1.02
147. PVII Pop Menu Magic Style Pack V1.0.4
148. PVII ReDolt V1.21
149. PVII Remove IE Link Scrubber V1.30
150. PVII Return False Fix V1.50
151. PVII RunEm V1.40
152. PVII Safari BackButton Fix V1.2.0
153. PVII Scrub V1.00
154. PVII Set Min Width V1.1.3
155. PVII ShowPic V2.00
156. PVII Simple VII-V2 Menu Object (CSS Express Drop-Down Menus) V1.30
157. PVII Slide Show Magic V1.2.7
158. PVII Snap Layers V2.67
159. PVII Style Sheet Loader V1.2.0
160. PVII Swap Class V1.40
161. PVII Tab Panel Magic V1.0.8
162. PVII TabBar Magic V1.0.9
163. PVII Vertical Scroller V1.70
164. PVII Write Styles V1.60
165. PVII Write V4 StyleSheet V1.10
166. Quick Gallery V1.0.1
167. Quick Link Anchors V1.4.5
168. Quick Named Anchor V1.0.1
169. QuickLink V1.1.0
170. Random Links V1.2.3
171. Remove Page Margins V1.0.2
172. Reset Image Sizes V3.0.8
173. RSS 2.0 From Darabase V1.0.0
174. RSS DreamFeeder V2.0.9
175. Script Optimizer-Obfuscator For javascript V1.2.0
176. Scrollbars V1.2.4
177. Select Template Files V1.5.0
178. Selection Menu For Coding Toolbar V1.1.0
179. Set Class V1.0.1
180. Set Collation V1.0.1
181. Simple Banner Rotator V1.0.1
182. Simple List-Menu Rewrite V1.0.4
183. Sitepal Wizard V1.4.0
184. Sky Style Menu V1.0.0
185. Slide Layer V2.1.0
186. Smart Link V1.4.3
187. Softery Aluminium DropDown Menu V1.0.2 & Menus UI V1.3.2 &
188. IE Flash Problem Solver V1.0.5
189. Softery Aluminium Menu V1.0.5 & Menus UI V1.2.4 &
190. IE Flash Problem Solver V1.0.4
191. Softery Easy DropDown Menu V1.0.0 & Menus UI V1.3.0 &
192. IE Flash Problem Solver V1.0.4
193. Softery G-Force Menu V1.0.0 & Menus UI V1.3.0 &
194. IE Flash Problem Solver V1.0.4
195. Softery Glassy Menu V1.0.0 & Menus UI V1.3.0 &
196. IE Flash Problem Solver V1.0.4
197. Softery Grid Menu V1.0.0 & Meuns UI V1.0.7
198. Softery Light Metal Menu V1.0.0 & Menus UI V1.1.2
199. Softery Obsidian DropDown Menu V1.0.1 & Menus UI V1.1.2
200. Softery Obsidian Menu V1.0.8 & Menus UI V1.3.2 &
201. IE Flash Problem Solver V1.0.5
202. Softery Plastic Menu V1.0.0 & Menus UI V1.0.7
203. Softery Plastic Menu V1.0.5 & Menus UI V1.3.0 &
204. IE Flash Problem Solver V1.0.5
205. Softery Simple DropDown Menu V1.0.0 & Menus UI V1.1.3
206. Softery Soft Sea DropDown Menu V1.0.5 & Menus UI V1.3.2 &
207. IE Flash Problem Solver V1.0.5
208. Softery Sony Style DropDown Menu V1.0.3 & Menus UI V1.3.0 &
209. IE Flash Problem Solver V1.0.4
210. Softery WinXP Style Menu V1.0.8 & Menus UI V1.3.2 &
211. IE Flash Problem Solver V1.0.5
212. Status Bar Text V1.5.15
213. Super Countries V2.4.0
214. Super Date V1.2.0
215. SuperScript 2 V1.1.2
216. Swap Trans Image V1.0.2
217. Switch Field V1.0.1
218. Tabel Dimensions To Background Image V2.6.0
219. Telephone Character V1.6.0
220. Template Report V1.0.0
221. The Login with Dynamic Redirect V1.0.0
222. Trio Solutions Scroll V1.0.1
223. TrustSoft Joomla Dreamweaver Template Kit V2.0
224. Ultra Close Window V2.0.0
225. Uni Mailer V1.0.5
226. Visit Counter V1.0.1
227. Vista Drop Down Menu V1.1.0
228. Voice Web Studio Free V1.1.1
229. Web Photo Album V2.1.8
230. Web Photo Album V2.2.6
231. Zencil V3.0.8
232. Zoom Search Engine V4.2.1002

Font Expert 2009
(A must have to view fonts edit test etc)

Font Expert 2009 enables you to preview and manage both installed and uninstalled typefaces, plus examine your system for font errors.
You can display the list of installed font faces, customizable font samples and advanced font properties.
Key Features

View and Preview Fonts.
FontExpert 2009 displays the list of all installed typefaces and lets you explore folders and preview uninstalled fonts located on your compact disks or DVDs, local disks, removable disks or network drives. You can preview the font as a paragraph of text or as a detailed character map. It is easy to choose the desired font size, font style or color.

Assign Keywords, Ratings and Categories to Fonts. Assign keywords, categories, ratings and captions in new Tags view.

Search in Database. Search for fonts in the database by keywords, ratings and categories in new DB Search view.

Search for Fonts on Local Discs and Network Drives.
The program can search your local disks, CDs or DVDs, network drives for fonts, and put all fonts to a special list for your further work.

Search for Duplicates and Corrupted Fonts.
FontExpert automatically detects corrupted and incomplete fonts, and allows you to search for and manage duplicate fonts.

Manage Fonts.
It is easy to manage any typefaces that are shown in any view of the program. You can sort, filter, preview fonts, copy, move, delete font files, activate or deactivate fonts, add or link fonts to font groups (sets). The program can control fonts located in the Windows Fonts and Psfonts folder (used by Adobe Type Manager), so you do not need to remove fonts from standard folders as some font managers require.

Create Font Library.
FontExpert imports fonts and creates font library. You can keep your fonts organized in groups (sets), and activate or deactivate font sets. A group may include either the font file, or a link to a file located in any folder on your computer or network drive. It is easy to add fonts or links by drag-and-dropping from the Windows Explorer to the Groups view.

Print Fonts.
FontExpert 2009 can print selected fonts.
It is easy to print character map, water flow or face name reports for selected fonts, either installed or uninstalled. You can customize and format page headers and footers as desired, for example, by adding the name of your company.

View Advanced Font Properties.
The program displays detailed information about the selected font, including type foundry or copyright, TrueType tables, number of kerning pairs in a font, Panose attributes, Windows font metrics and more.

Examine your System for Font Errors.
With the help of Detect Font Problems feature, it is easy to find errors in installed fonts and to optimize Windows by resolving typeface conflicts and by removing records about missing fonts.

Export Fonts to HTML Web Album.
FontExpert can create HTML Web Album from selected fonts. You can create GIF, JPG, PNG, TIFF, and BMP images of selected font faces. See the sample of HTML page created by FontExpert.

Automatic Activation of Missing Fonts.
FontExpert includes Missing Fonts Loader plug-in for Adobe InDesign CS2, CS3, and CS4.

Windows Shell Extensions.
The program adds Open, Print and Install Font custom menu commands to Windows Explorer context menu, and adds custom property page that displays detailed attributes of selected .ttf or .otf file. FontExpert adds font management capabilities to the shell so it is easy to activate or print any font in a folder you browse in Windows Explorer.


Adobe All Products Keymaker 2009

Keymaker for all adobe CS & CS4 Releases

The keygen works with the following products:

Adobe Photoshop LightRoom v2.x
Adobe Premiere Elements v7.x
Adobe Photoshop LightRoom v1.x
Adobe Photoshop Elements v7.x
Adobe Technical Cummunication Suite v2.x
Adobe eLearning Suite v1.x
Adobe LiveCycle Designer v8.x
Adobe LiveCycle Data Services ES v2.x
Adobe ColdFusion Enterprise v8.x
Adobe Captivate v4.x
Adobe Flexbuilder v3.x
Adobe Presenter v7.x
Adobe Robohelp Server v8.x
Adobe Robohelp v8.x
Adobe PhotoShop CS4 Extended v11.x
Adobe Flash CS4 v10.x
Adobe Indesign CS4 v6.x
Adobe Fireworks CS4 v10.x
Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 v10.x
Adobe Framemaker v9.x
Adobe Contribute CS4 v5.x
Adobe Soundbooth CS4 v2.x
Adobe Creative Suite Master Collection CS4
Adobe Director v11.x
Adobe Acrobat Pro Extended v9.x
Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 v4.x
Adobe Visual Communicator v3.x
Adobe Flash Media Interactive Server v3.5.x
Adobe Flash Media Streaming Server v3.5.x
Adobe After Effects CS4 v9.x
Adobe Audition v3.x
Adobe Incopy CS4 v6.x
Adobe Creative Suite Design Premium CS4
Adobe Creative Suite Web Premium CS4
Adobe Creative Suite Production Premium CS4
Adobe Illustrator CS4 v14.x
Download Huge Packages + Adobe.....
Download Bonus Plugins Pack


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