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Posted by Tejaswi Thursday, March 11, 2010
You can type in Hindi and take your text to any Microsoft Windows based software using HindiPad. The software provides 2 different layouts for typing in Hindi, and makes Hindi typing easy for both professional typists, and those who do not know typing on Hindi Keyboard.

HindiPad uses an innovative font layout that mimics English language, this effectively provides almost all the Hindi characters on a standard English 52 alphabet keyboard, eliminating the need to learn a complex layout or use ALT key combinations.

Typing In Hindi
To type in Hindi make sure Hindi option is selected on the toolbar. If the Hindi is not selected click on Hindi option button or press CTRL+K to switch to Hindi.

HindiPad will automatically change layout according to the language you are using now. The fonts list will also change and you will able to choose from all the HindiPad Hindi fonts currently installed on your system.

Tip: You can make documents combining both Hindi & English


Printing a documents
To print a document
If the document is open, click the File menu, and then click Print.
If the document is not open, drag the document from My Computer or Windows Explorer to your printer in the Printers folder.

While a document is printing, a printer icon appears next to the clock on the taskbar. When this icon disappears, your document has finished printing.
For easy access to your printer, you can create a shortcut to it on the desktop.

Setting up page margin
To set page margins
On the File menu, click Print Margin, and then enter new values in the Margins area.

Changing Printers and Priting Options
To change printers and printing options
1 On the File menu, click Page Setup.
2 To change paper size, page orientation, or margins, change settings here.
To change printers, click Printer, and then click a printer from the Name list.

Provided help document helps you to move with the below mentioned way.
Setting up HindiPad
Working with Documents
Working With Text
Searching for Text
Formatting Text
Importing Bitmapped Images
Using HindiPad Text In Other Applications
Hindi & English Fonts
Quickly Change Language
Typing In Hindi
Romanised Keyboard Layout
Combination Codes For Complex Characters
Changing Keyboard Layouts
Making Compound Characters
Producing Half Characters
Selecting Hindi & English Numbers
Selecting Hindi Layout
Sending E-Mails
Save E-mail

Get Familiar with Romanised Layout(HindiPad )
1) Spell Hindi In English As You'd Say It
2) Complete Each Character with 'a'
3) Make complex/combination characters by typing their constituents
4) Use 'C' for Cha
5) Use Shift+h for g combinations
6) Handling Matras
7) Practice 2 hrs. a day for 2 days

Some Special Characters Explained
Chandra Bindu and its types
Different Types of Ra Matras


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