USB Lock 2.5

Posted by Tejaswi Monday, June 14, 2010
'USB Lock 2.5' is one of the Best application that i found upto now, because its an all in one locker. Normally if one doesn't have an internet connection / In Network, the intruder obviously enters through USB / DVD Drive-Floppy / Direct interaction to system attack. The software which i am talking about takes care of all the things that i am talking, it also got an additional function which last but not the least 'Folder Protection'.

What else do you need ?
1. USB Protection
2. DVD / Floppy drive Protection
3. System Lock
4. Folder Lock with a visible mode locker.

Ok lets see how the interfaces & things are working out on all different protection modes.

1. 'USB drive locker'
a. Press the button 'Protect' under the 'USB Storage Drives' and close the application.
b. From the very next moment soon it doesn't allow any usb connections to the system. Any USB device connected to the system is warned with a blank screen message to remove the usb device, else the system is going to be shutdown in another 15 seconds.

c. If the user wants to connect any usb devices to the system he need to open enter the USB lock software and click on unprotect button under 'USB Storage Drives' section.

2. Folder Protection:
a. Another excellent feature is the folder lock protection, its too simply to lock a folder JDD(Just drag and drop) into folder protection section.
b. Any folder that you want to lock it, just drag and drop the folder into the area mentioned below in red.
c. Your folder will be visible to every one and the folder size remains the same too, But "FOLDER CANNOT BE OPENED". If any one tries to open a locked folder it just opens an internet browser and shows a blank loading page. Below is an example of a locked folder.
d. To unlock the protected folder, once again drag and drop the protected folder into the same area mentioned previously. Unless u perform this action you can never get back your files back.
e. Without a drawback there's never a complete tool in this world, like the same - The protected folder can be deleted with even unlocking it.

3. CD-DVD / Floppy drive protection:
a. The protection with the DVD/Floppy drives is not just like USB protection, its entirely different but one thing is common i.e. to click on protect button to lock the drive.
b. After clicking on protect button, simply you wont see your DVD/Floppy drive icons in 'My Computer'. It means they get disappeared, unless you again unlock them using 'Unprotect' button you will not be able to see your tray drives appeared back.

4. PC Lock / PC Lock Transparent:
a. PC Lock generally gives you a blank screen where you will be asked a password to unlock the system.
b. PC Lock Transparent doesn't show you the black screen and ask to enter the password, unless you perform any mouse/keyboard action till then you will be show your normal desktop.
Download USB Lock 2.5


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