Hi everyone recently i purchased 'Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo', unfortunately i am facing issue with WIFI from the day one onwards. what used to happen is, after connecting my device to any wifi network it used to get disconnected with in 5-10 mins.

I am frustrated with this problem really, Believe me I have checked every possible website and i didn't find any solution for this. So I approached the chat support of sony ericsson, who gave me an 'Update_Service_Setup-' file that has to be installed on my PC, and using this installed software from my PC I need to troubleshoot my device.

Download the Update service setup software

Follow the below steps
1. Download and install the software from the above link, The installation file will give full clear step by step instructions how to troubleshoot your mobile.
2. What is troubleshooting?
Ans: It simply turns back your mobile to original factory settings, but it wont touch/reconfigure your SD card sadly. So please make sure you uninstall all softwares that if you have stored on your SD card before reconfiguring/formatting/'Returning to original factory settings'.....whatever we call it, all those installation files will get piled up and we can't figure it out to delete them manually after we have completed reconfiguring the device. I guess you are able to understand what i am saying, else please leave your comments below.
3. Ok, complete the formatting part of your mobile and now you get your mobile/device to its original factory settings. Check if everything is ok or not, I am sure this doesn't solve the WIFI problem.
4. Now restart your PC, and you will see an update pop-up appears on your PC for your device. i.e. sony ericsson's latest update version 4.xxxx.
5. Follow the instructions what it says and you will get all the latest updates what Sony is offering on its latest mobile devices.
6. The update will solve your wifi problem.
- Now i am able to download all movies and games from torrents using my mobiles, so fastly without any breakage. I downloaded 2Gb within 25mins.

I received the below extras now.
1. My mobile got upgraded from Android 2.3.3 to 2.34
2. Updated with latest version of Sony's version 4.
3. Solved WIFI problem :)
4. Felt the interface to be smooth and faster than before.
5. Received google talk with voice and video chat support as well.
6. Camera: Gave me an option to 3D sweep panorama, zooming capability as well
7. Using wifi, share and view your device content to TV's having wireless capabilities.
8. Many more apps...
Download the Update service setup software


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  2. I have done those steps before and it also works well with me. I jsut bought Sony Ericson Xperia and its worth the price. Music player is just normal, camera is decent provided you install camera 360 from the Android market. Its battery last around one to two days on moderately usage.

  3. Tejaswi Says:
  4. Yes for good price we got a great mobile. The camera is really great for still and near images, Zooming the camera is really bad idea. Except battery life everything is cool, even battery life is also manageable if we use the phone moderately.

  5. Anonymous Says:
  6. The link is broken! Is there anywhere else to get this??

  7. Tejaswi Says:
  8. I will update the link, Use this link:

  9. Anonymous Says:
  10. second link is broken too! :(

  11. Tejaswi Says:
  12. New link..

  13. Tejaswi Says:
  14. Please leave your email address along with the comment, so that soon after resolving i can email you guys.

  15. Anonymous Says:
  16. all the links are broken.. :(


  17. Timmy Mathew Says:
  18. Got the software now trying to install it.

    I've network connectivity issues as well as wifi connectivity.. I'm unable to use my airtel 2G even though earlier it was set to WCDMA(preffered)/GSM now as it's not working I've set to GSM only. Still the problem persists. few days back I was having good internet service but after I once restarted the phone the internet connectivity is gone :-( Plz help. My mobile is Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo. Also more about the wifi issue even my mobile get disconnected from wifi within 20secs and displays "Not in range". :-(

    Thanx man...:-)

  19. Tejaswi Says:
  20. Timmy, I'm also using the same airtel 2G connection, initially i too faced some issues, due to the wrong settings that i have chosen. But now everything is fine.

    While using 2G network (Wireless & network settings > Mobile networks)
    Network mode : GSM (is the preferred)
    Access Points(APNs) : airtelgprs.com
    Network operators: Automatically/Manually
    Don't try to send MMS(Multimedia Messaging Service). There is some setting that i need to learn about MMS settings. Few days back when i tried to sent a MMS, that made my 2G internet complete down. Then i contacted customer care service they too have failed in resolving the issue. So what i have done is, I went to 'Privacy Settings' and selected the option to 'Settings reset'. That made to loose all those settings that i have made to my mobile previously. So again i sent an sms to '54321' as 'MO', so the airtel 2G settings got downloaded to my device, installing the downloaded file has solved my problem.

    - If it the same case with you as well, do the 'Settings reset'. That will work.
    - Install 'PC Companion software' too in your PC.(It is provided inside the Sony Ericsson Neo), that too is serving same as the 'Update Service Setup' software.
    - Perform the above activities after completing installation of latest 'Android' by following my blog post using 'Update Service Setup' software. Don't worry your Wifi connection problem will get resolved by installing this latest android, as this build is also containing the latest firmware fix for Wifi issue.

    - Now I'm downloading some Gigabytes of data by installing torrent on my NEO device using any wifi connection. But the only problem is that my device gets hot while using the internet. :(

  21. Tejaswi Says:
  22. The link has been updated, please check now...

  23. Anonymous Says:
  24. does not work on me.. Every time i connect to our router linkyss wrt54g , my router disconnect.

  25. Tejaswi Says:
  26. Have you tried my solution, Even then if the problem still exists try connecting to other routers and check once.

  27. Anonymous Says:
  28. i have xperia neo phone..i tried connecting my phone to my laptop running on windows7..but my phone fails to recognize the wifi..it just says scanning..wat to do?

  29. Tejaswi Says:
  30. I believe when we purchase the Neo it is loaded with 2.3.3 andriod and the version/firmware with which Sony has released the mobile doesn't seem to be working good in case of wifi. Use the below link to update your mobile to the latest firmware, might this update may fix your issue. Follow the steps that i have explained in my post.


  31. Anonymous Says:
  32. link boken ..damn :|

  33. Pen Arts Says:
  34. Sorry, I'm busy now a days so not able to update the links... Upon request on the immediate next day i will do that.

    Please take the below link


  35. killergame Says:
  36. hi...i have that problem too...can your share with me that link...


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